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Planning and managing a fun cocktail is not that hard, all you need is to reach Meyatri Team.

The cocktail party is always fun for events because you don’t have to follow any customs or traditions, let yourself rock the floor and make this night more memorable for each other. The cocktail party is for enjoyment and everyone wants to organize the best party with their loved ones. We are here, one of the best and experienced event planner teams that provide and manage everything according to you. Enjoy the night, Don’t forget this important work so go and have fun it’s your own cocktail party. Just don’t let yourself worry about tiny things, it’s a casual evening to drink, dance, and for lots of fun.

Deciding the Theme and Décor!

While choosing a theme for a cocktail party is a little bit tricky but let us help you to plan and organize your dream have there are many options such as Retro times where the bartender is all dressed up in Bowties, the wooden flooring and lighting everything is so classic version of the 80s and 90s. Bonfire theme is also popular nowadays, while your wedding is in winter then you may opt for this theme. A Bonfire in the center of the venue and lots of free space around it to dance and sing with rusty wooden furniture and fairy lights that make the evening more Magical.

Live Artists and Performances a New Age Trends!

You can select the entertainment Mode that reflects your taste and style, whether it is a Rock and Roll or a Sufi night. We organize every type of live performance and artist to make it more enjoyable. If you want to perform yourself then, we are here to arrange for you the best choreographer to choreograph your performance and make it the hit of the evening.

A perfect location is a must!

If you don’t want your guest to be bored, then why choose a boring venue like a restaurant, don’t forget that you want to enjoy DJ and have fun all night and for that, I suggest you choose a venue where you are free to have loud music, dance and lot of fun. You can choose any popular bar in your city to rent it for a private party and invite all your family and friends there. It will be more easy and convenient for you to manage the party in the bar instead of any other place.

Don’t forget the rocking playlist!

A party is all about music, dance, and fun for that you need a great DJ with your rocking playlist. Remember everybody has their own favorite playlist, so include the top hits of the year to make sure every guest is enjoying the night. Retro Bollywood songs are must have at any party, so don’t forget to play some classic 80’s and 90’s mix to hit the floor.

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